Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle

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Campaign Details

Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle is the new advertising campaign created to promote Eni’s culture of energy. Testimonial of this original campaign, the famous international étoile Roberto Bolle is the symbol of culture – especially Italian culture – and social engagement around the world.

It is a representation of what Eni has consistently pursued as a core tenet of its identity: being active in the community, supporting the expression of culture and promoting young talent. The company has shown this through its commitment to research, access to energy, support ofculture and imagination of the future.

Investing in energy means caring for it and Eni is sharing a variety of ways to live it. The goal is to create and spread a collective consciousness that encourages companies and consumers to be ambassadors for a new culture.

  • Client: UfficioStampaEni
  • Tasks: Brand News Sharing
  • Agency: IQandPartners